Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Crunchy Cookie Life

I keep thinking about that Chips Ahoy commercial with the cookie that wakes up, runs to the window and says, "Wow, todaaay is the first daaay of the rest of my li..." crrnnch! That's how I feel today, ripped away and crunched. Seriously, though, today is a new beginning for me, although at this point I'm not sure exactly what's in store. I can feel that change is slowly moving in, though.

I will be getting a new camera soon, so a new hobby will be in store for me. I'm not sure what I'll be photographing but I'm sure I will figure it out. Jeff would like me to chronicle the progress of our farm doings. I'm interested in macro photography of food. I just love looking at beautiful food pics, so maybe combining my interest in cooking with photography will keep me occupied. Maybe I'll work on my very own personal cook book. Who knows where the camera will lead me. I just know that I need to find a new direction for my life, something to fill the void.

Whoever said 'life is a rollercoaster ride' was no joker. I'm here to tell ya' that when you think things should go a certain way in life, they surely will take an upside down, inside out, spiral into a new direction. I wanted my little family to be similar to The Walton's, where warmth and closeness abounded. pause and say ahhh! John Boy howdy, did I ever have to wake up early to smell the coffee. The Walton's exist only in a tube, my friends!

And that is how the cookie... crnnnch!

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