Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friendship's Offering

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness making everything
in its vicinity freshen into smiles.
-Washington Irving

I received this cheerful box of the most fragrant gardenias and a kind note from my neighbor and friend, the other day. She sent them by way of my husband, who has been doing some work for them.

It's the simplest things that can fill the heart with happiness. The flowers were simply arranged in a plastic cup and nestled in this box with some newspaper to keep them from spilling over on the ride home.


  1. While I enjoy giving gifts I'm very uncomfortable accepting them. This is, as you say, a gift that fills the heart to overflowing and makes both parties feel good, and now you have shared that joy with us. Thank you!

  2. What a GORGEOUS gift! I adore gardenias! What a lovely gesture and you deserve it! You are so terrific!


  3. When Friendship once is rooted fast,
    It is a plant no storm can blast

    written by:19th century calling card verse

  4. I must have dreamed that I replied to this. lol Because I was absolutely sure I did. Maybe I read this before I started my hour and a half of exercise last night. That could be it. lol

    It just bears repeating!: A kind heart is a fountain of gladness making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.

    Growing up in a 95% negative home, I have had to train myself, in my Christian walk, to be positive. Noone wants to be around someone who is always whiney and complaining. Your friend is a wonderful example of the kind-hearted person Mr. Irving speaks of. What a gift you have in her.

    Have a wonnnnderful Wedensday, hugs, Robin

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