Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Polling for Answers

Go over to Just Wandering Through and take her poll. I know she'd be indebted to you for life!


  1. Indebted. Um, I'm already IN DEBT. Is that the same thing :)

  2. Yes, but in a different form. Eternal obligatory expressions of gratitude would be required of you upon receipt to your humble pollees.

  3. Is a mortgage counted as debt?

    I am very indebted to you both. An oasis of peace and reason in a wild world.

    Pollees excuse my intrusion.

  4. I commented and I voted. Pats on the back to me. Of course, I now have a gigantic headache because I cannot decide which category my blog falls into. Please send help,

    How about a "Just plain crazy" option?



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