Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nature Girl and A Caterpillar

I love it when Lindsey and I take walks on our place. I've always called her my "nature girl" because of her incredible interest and fascination with all things nature: animals, bugs, rocks, leaves, flowers and even scat.

Yesterday, after we voted together, we spent the afternoon just doing Mamma/Daughter things. We perused some cookie magazines because we plan to get together on Thursday to make a few batches of cookies. We talked and we took a walk along an old logging road that runs through our property.

We saw this beautiful black and white striped caterpillar. As always has been the habit of my "nature girl," she had to do a little research to find out what kind of critter this was. She spent a couple of hours on-line trying to find an identity but to no avail. Her best guess was that it is possibly a catalpa caterpillar but there are a couple of distinctive differences that cause us to think not. We finally decided we would submit the photo to in hopes they will be able to identify it.

If anyone out there has a clue, please tell us!


Lindsey is a pit bull when it comes to finding out what she wants. The chicken went to her college library after class and looked through several books to find out that this rare and elusive caterpillar (not really) is called a turbulent phosphila which morphs into a rather common looking moth.


  1. Hey Miss Laurie! I enjoyed coming along on your walk via your blog. :) We love LOVE love walks. Long, peaceful walks. Admiring the beauty that we see along the way. ahhh. We took a walk today to look at and take pics of the trees in our (old houses, etc.) downtown.

    I hope that you are having a fantastic day, my friend! Hugs, Robin

  2. Isn't nature amazing? I am always amazed at how much beauty I've missed out on by sitting behind this computer, washing dishes, or doing millions of chores.

    Loved the picture, BTW. What camera do you use?


  3. I use a Nikon Coolpix P80 -- it's a glorified point and shoot. I chose it because I wanted the versatility of being able to learn some of the techniques of an DSLR but have the convenience of a point and shoot. Plus, the different lenses needed on a DSLR just aren't in my budget right now. Maybe in the future I can upgrade.

  4. Your pictures are wonderful. They look professional. I love what you share. Thank you! (and thanks for dropping by)

  5. Hi Laurie! I followed you here from Carolyn's. I've browsed your blog and really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed your empty nest stories, as my nest is empty now. I have a slightly different story though. My daughter 18, has moved out and she and a close friend have an apartment together. Not that I was expecting it because she always made the *SPEECH* the one about when I get eighteen I'm leaving! LOL!!!Well the phone calls and stop-ins are short but, I tell her don't let two days go by without me hearing from her, I do worry, that's my job, I'm a mom. She hasn't had the chance to miss me enough to spend a day out with me LOL!! I'm just allowing her to find herself. Maybe as she grows on her own she'll find the time. Sorry I didn't mean to write a book. Take care. Deb

  6. Those CoolPix really take nice pictures. Chocolatechic uses one for some of her closeups and it really looks lovely.


  7. Hey Laurie, That caterpillar must have turned into a butterfly by now! haha ;)
    C'mon! get cooking! Chop Chop! haha
    Have a happy thanksgiving! xox

  8. Just giving a shout. I hope you are well and just busy with the holidays. Best thoughts to you.


  9. Hi Mac,
    Doing well, just haven't had anything to post about. Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well with you.

  10. Wow that is a great looking caterpillar. When my son was little he loved nature, and even though he's 28 now he still goes out to catch frogs. Why he went into finance instead of entomology, I don't know.

  11. (((Laurie)))

    Hello! I've missed you. How have you been doing? :)

    Only a few more weeks until we start using "the" book. :) Hugs, Robin

    P.S. We spent a day and a half in your state! It is so pretty, brought back a lot of memories of my time there back in the '70's.


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