Monday, January 19, 2009

The Remains Of The Day

This is all that's left of a wonderful tea party spent with my daughter and our friend Linda, to celebrate Lindsey's 21st birthday.

The remains of this day has left me feeling happy. My chicken turned 21 today and she was gracious enough to spend the afternoon with me and Linda, a dear friend and relative.

We enjoyed several slices of quiche each and many, many cherry tarts, each.

A gift of a poem was written and read by Linda that made us all laugh. Lots of little presents were opened...

and handmade truffles were shared.

Living a Beautiful Life with The Inspired Room!


  1. This is so nice. The table is beautiful, food yummy :)

  2. I love pigging out on good food with people I love. We had so much fun!

  3. This looks so beautiful. And even better, GIRLY!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. It looks elegant! You are incredible. Lindsey seems a remarkable young lady, Laurie. My humble respects to you.

  5. Thank you all, so much! I wanted to make it special for her, as I've always tried to do. In all her life with us, we've not had much financial prosperity but she has not done without basic needs, and on birthdays and holidays we've always tried to make it special for her.

  6. What a wonderful birthday lunch! It all looks so lovely.

  7. Everything looks so beautiful. Love the tablecloth. Looks like you have a knack for the simple little touches that make something special.

  8. Sounds like a Beautiful day! Thank so much for visiting and the sweet comments about my tassels. Have a great weekend.

  9. Oh, how lovely!

    I should have a tea party. The eggs on the previous post are gorgeous, too!

  10. Is there anything lovelier than high tea with loved ones? Your table is exquisite. Lindsay must have felt very cherished and celebrated.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier, it's lovely to meet you.

  11. Oh, I am inspired by your tea party! What a beautiful table you set. Thank you for sharing it. You created a lovely experience, it must have been such fun.

    Thanks for sharing. I too have a married daughter who will be celebrating her 21st birthday soon!


  12. You sure know how to throw a party! It looks like it was just perfect and the food looks yummy! I'm sure Lindsey will remember this special 21st birthday always. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment.

  13. It looks like a perfect little tea for when your chicken turns 21. I know she felt loved, cherished. I like the way you made simple look exquiesite. That's beauty.

    And thank you for visiting me too. I like what you said about goals. hehe :-)


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