Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almost a Grandma!

Meet my newest.... granddog? This is Moose, an adorable cocker spaniel.

I have two of these now, Bear and Moose. I didn't really imagine being a grandmother to animals. We have a huge stack of hay that I envisioned a cute little blue-eyed dark headed 6 year old boy having a blast climbing up and down. Or an adorable brown-eyed blond 8 year old girl making cookies and having tea parties with me.

Oh well, I guess for now, I'll have to be happy with taking walks up to the pear tree with Moose and Bear! Well, Bear... a chocolate lab with an over abundance of energy will need to run it off with the four-wheeler.


  1. Hello! He is a beautiful beautiful Spaniel!! Gorgeous. When I was a young child, this was the first breed of dog I thought would be nice to own. We never had a dog and I was nearly 40 before I got my first dog. lol

    When I was 10 years old I picked up a copy of "Champion Dog, Prince Tom" by Jean Fritz. It was written in 1958. I read this book more than any other book when I was young. Except for the Bible and The Little House on the Prairie series, this book still ranks as the most read book of mine, although I have not read it a few years now. Maybe it would be a neat book for a future grandchild to read. :)

    Here is a synopsis:

    This is the true story of a loveable, undersized blonde cocker spaniel with big ideas. Prince Tom, who lives in Adrian, Michigan, with his owner, Tom Clute, spends his life surprising people, doing the impossible and adding new titles to his name. Today he is one of the most famous dogs in the country with an official name so long that it takes two breaths to say it... Prince Tom III, Companion dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utilit Dog, National Field Trial Champion. When the little blonde cocker was born, he was the runt of the litter. No one expected im to amount to anything. For a long time no one wanted to buy him. But one lucky day he was sold, put into a box and given to Tom Clute at a surprise party. Right away he began talking in his up and down voice. Tom Clute guessed that he was more than an ordinary dog and Nathan Thompson , a nine-year-old friend, knew that he was a very extraordinary one. In short order, Prince became a trick dog, a TV perormer and an obedience trial champion. Then he discovered hunting. This was the most fun of all. From then on, he began to amaze the experts, just as he will amaze anyone who reads about the adventures and victories that lead up to the grandest title of all, National Field Trial Champion.

    Here is a link so that you can see the cover:

    Have a wonderful Sunday evening, hugs, Robin

  2. What a lovely pooch! I love the name, too! I read on Robin's blog about your gift for her and I wanted to tell you what a great gift I think that is and how generous you are for doing so. I'm blessed to call Robin my friend and I can tell you that she would treasure that book and she and her beautiful girls would pour over its pages. What a beautiful gesture! You are wonderful!



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