Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Really Was 'This Big!'

Jeff loves to fish! Lately though, he stays so busy that he doesn't have alot of time to fish anymore like he'd like! Well, he made time a couple of days ago and this is what he came back with... a 6 pound bass! He was one happy man!


  1. What a beautiful fish and a proud man! I love it!

    "Man and his fish" photos are some of my favorites!


  2. Now that's cool! A gorgeous fish if I ever saw one. :)

    The only fish I have ever caught was a catfish from my Grandmother's farm in Springfield, Ark. back in the '70's. LOL

    Have a wonderful Thursday, Miss L.! Hugs, Robin

  3. Wow! I know Jeff is proud of that one. It is really hard to fish here in Oklahoma. The winds are usually always blowing strong. I gave up fishing not long after we moved here. Chris and Timothy go to the lake some times to fish. They've caught a few, nothing like Jeff's beauty. Time goes by so fast, plus we live in such a fast paced world, I am so glad Jeff was able to take the time to go out there and fish. What a reward from our Heavenly father to have blessed Jeff in this way!

  4. My father loved to fish. He would be leaning forward, shaking his head in admiration of that monster. Well done!

  5. Yes, y'all he is very proud of himself. It really does take some know-how to catch fish like that! Jeff is a good fisherman.


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